Friday, September 29, 2017

QUIET: Question Six #Quietalong #12mos12rals

Two days, two more questions!

What did you learn from reading QUIET?  Did certain parts of the book intrigue you more than others? 


  1. I found it all very interesting. The book focused on business more than I expected. At first I was put off by it, but then I became curious to know how it would fit in or compare to the theories and ideas my agency is pushing so hard right now in terms of management styles, employee engagement and strengths.

    It has only been in recent years that I've come to see my introversion is not necessarily a weakness, although there has always been a sense that it is lesser than just the same. If that makes sense. I admire extroverts and have often wished I could be more like them. Cain's book helped me realize one isn't better than the other.

    I find it interesting, although not surprising, how different cultures and countries value people who are more introverted or extroverted.

    I really wish I could use this book to get out of those brainstorming meetings that are so pointless. Haha

    1. Literary Feline ... LOL!! I was just going to comment on how Cain talked about creativity in a group vs alone. I found that her comments and research overview was fascinating, and really made me think about how it works in my everyday life.

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