Wednesday, September 27, 2017

QUIET: Question Four #Quietalong #12mos12rals

I'm so sorry for being away again.  My family has recently experienced another death of a loved one that is near and dear to our hearts.  I have not had the chance to do much reading and I got a bit behind in the reading.  But, I'm back and I'm hoping to post new questions throughout the rest of the week/month, and wrap up this conversation.  Let's do it!

The author shared her own example of using the power of introversion to work through a negotiation.  Though many of those in this field tend to be extroverted, she discovered that she too had much to contribute.  Have you ever seen your own personal power of introversion win, whether it be at home or at work?  Share your own example, and what you learned from the experience.  


  1. I so sorry for your loss. Sending a virtual hug your way.

    A coworker told me the other day how much she appreciated that I don't just talk to hear myself talking but that when I speak up, she knows it will be to say something of substance. I often struggle with whether I should speak up or not and so that was nice to hear.

    I think a more fitting example to this question, however, is how sometimes I am the only one at the table who thinks through, around, and considers every possible angle. So when everyone else wants to make a change drastic or small, I am the voice of reason. It helps that I've been in my position for a number of years.

    My agency has adopted Gallup's Engagement philosophy of management in recent years, which aims to focus on people's strengths to get the best performance out of them. We had to take a survey to find out what our top five strengths are. All five of mine are very much introvert traits. It was affirming and funny to see. :-)

    At home, I think my introversion has helped me through some difficult challenges.

    1. Literary Feline ... Thank you.

      I love the strengths based training. I've taken the survey as well, and my strengths are all very introverted traits too!

      I work in a field where extroverts are surrounding me all the time. I hope that when I do speak up, it is the voice of reason. I'm not sure that is always the cause! ;)

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