Wednesday, September 13, 2017

QUIET: Question Two #Quietalong #12mos12rals

Welcome back to our conversation about QUIET by Susan Cain.  I apologize for being away for so long, but I promise to get better at posting regular questions this month.  I am currently in the midst of planning a big event for this weekend, so you will see more questions coming the second half of the month.  In the meantime, I have another question for you!

Let's look at those around for a moment ... spouse, children, siblings, parents, etc.  Do you find that you are surrounded by fellow introverts or extroverts or a mix of the two?  How about your friends?


  1. Given how social my daughter can be, I was leaning toward thinking she is more extroverted, but the more I read, I realize she's introverted like me and her dad. Friends wise, I think there are more introverts, but there are extroverts too.

    1. Literary Feline ... My immediate family is definitely full of introverts! For the longest time, I was certain that my daughter was going to be an extrovert, but as she gets older she definitely leans more to introversion. It's so fascinating!

      I do have some extroverts scattered throughout, but I would say that most of us are introverted.

    2. Tif - My daughter is quite social and so it seemed obvious to me that she had to be introverted, but as she's getting older, I'm seeing more signs of introversion. Maybe she's ambivert, which would be really cool. :-)

    3. Literary Feline ... That would be super cool! I'm fascinated in watching my kids' personalities develop.