Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Follow-Up Survey: Guest Posts & Themes

At the end of October, our team posted a survey to get feedback from our readers.  We have examined your responses and are listening to your thoughts!  In fact, because of your answers, we have one more quick follow-up survey for you to share some additional ideas with us!

Two specific topics in particular stood out:  Guest Posts and Themes.

Many of you had indicated that you are interested in reading more guest posts.  It is now time for those of you interested to share with us what type of guest posts you want to see!

A large number of you also indicated that you are interested in seeing theme months here on Book Bloggers International.  We also want to hear more of your ideas of which themes you are particularly interested in seeing featured.

In addition, we want to know if you are interested in working with us, either by writing a guest post or contributing to a themed month ... or even writing a guest post for a theme month!  Afterall, Book Bloggers International is a way for book bloggers to connect around the globe, so what better way to connect than over a wonderful bookish conversation!

Please take a few minutes to share your ideas with us using the survey below.  If you are interested in contributing, please be sure to indicate yes in the appropriate box and you will be taken to additional questions to share your contact information with us.  We will be in contact with you for more information once we have reviewed and discussed the information we receive.

Thank you for your feedback thus far as well as in advance for completing yet another survey for us here at Book Bloggers International!

Becca, Tasha, & Tif

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