Monday, March 20, 2017

THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD by Colson Whitehead: Week Three #12mos12rals

Welcome back to another week of discussion for THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD!  This week, we are going to discuss the three more chapters/sections of the book, including ETHEL, TENNESSEE, and CAESAR.  Please read on for specific questions to address, but please feel free to chat about anything beyond these questions that you deem fit.



  • We get a little glimpse into Ethel's life in this chapter.  Does this change your initial impressions of her based on the last section?  Why or why not?
  • Last week, I asked if you thought Ethel had give Cora kisses while she was sleeping through a fever.  We discover here that those kisses are real, but are accompanied by "two kinds of feeling."  What kinds of feeling do you think they might be?

  • The appearance of Homer adds an interesting relationship to Ridgeway and the story in general.  Share your thoughts on his appearance and/or role in the story.
  • Cora was rescued by three "runaways."  What do you believe was their story?

  • We finally get to learn more about Caesar, his past, and his intentions.  With this new information, what do you take away regarding the man and his character?


Next week, we will be back on Monday to chat about the next three sections:  INDIANA, MABEL, and THE NORTH.  This is our last round of chapters, and I am looking forward to reading the conclusion and chatting with you all.

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