Monday, September 21, 2015

My Two Favorite Libraries by Rinn of Rinn Reads

Hi, I'm Rinn and I've been blogging for three years, mostly relating to science fiction and fantasy. Reading has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember, having grown up in a house filled with stacks and stacks of books. After studying two degrees in Archaeology and then Museum Studies, I now work within a museum in Oxford.  I want to tell you about my two favorite libraries today.

My favourite library in terms of content has to be my local library - it may be small, but it has a lot of choice. Surprisingly, for such a small library, the science fiction and fantasy sections, as well as history, are really well-stocked. And located only a bus ride away, the Central Library in Oxford is HUGE and has pretty much everything. I really believe that it is important to support local library services and make good use of them. At the moment I try to visit my library at least once a week, which has pros and cons - I find loads of amazing books, but I'm also distracted from review copies that I need to get to, and my own book collection! 

However, living in Oxford - and especially working for the University - opens up SO many library based opportunities:

I can access the Bodleian Library, including the Radcliffe Camera, which looks like this:

Or perhaps you recognise this sight?

That's right, Duke Humfrey's Library, located in the Bodleian Library, is just one of the locations in Oxford that was used during the filming of the Harry Potter series. 

So in terms of appearance, I'd have to pick the Radcliffe Camera as my favourite: it looks gorgeous, scholarly and imposing. Living where I am, I'm completely spoilt for choice in terms of libraries, and I hope that never changes!

Visit Rinn at her blog, Rinn Reads, and leave a comment or question for her below!  She works at Oxford, you guys! 


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