Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Introducing Library Love September, PLUS Survey Results!

This month on Book Bloggers' International book bloggers will be sharing their love for libraries!  People used to value the library as a resource.  They still should.  This month we tell you why we love libraries, and why we think they are important!  Be sure to subscribe to our feed and/or follow us on Twitter (@bookbloggersint) so you will be sure to catch all our guest posts!

A few days ago we invited bloggers to fill out a short survey on their library use. We got a great response. Here are the results below: (To get the graphs big enough so you could read the key, they took up the whole page so I am adding a bit below each graph):

Green - More than once a week
Purple - Once a week
Light orange - Every couple weeks
Maroon - Once a month
Blue - Once every couple months
Olive - Once or twice a year
Orange - I don't use a library regularly

Green - 0
Purple - 1-10
Light Orange - 11-25
Maroon - 25-50
Blue - 50-100
Olive - 100+

Green - Yes, often
Purple - Yes, once in a while
Light Orange - No

Some answers from our open-ended questions:

What is your favorite aspect of libraries?
  • Overdrive & Inter-library Loan
  • The chance to read free books, the availability of out-of-print or older books.
  • Well, I am a librarian myself so I'd say the fact that they employ me is really high up there.
  • the variety of books

What do you wish all libraries had?
  • A cozy reading corner
  • A YA section
  • Author events
  • A more expansive digital catalog
  • Bookclubs
  • Bigger fiction section
  • Inter-library loan (ILL) program
  • A bigger budget

What do you think the future holds for libraries?
  • More diversification in ways they provide knowledge. More classes. More computer resources
  • More technology services in collections, teaching. More of a social hub supplying community needs to e.g.homeless people. (New York Public Library have just employed a social worker).
  • Even more online collaboration & use.
  • I am worried about the privatization of libraries. But our local library has been very good at adapting to/with the times, so I think libraries will continue to be amazing and serve their communities.
  • In the past libraries served as repositories for research and librarians helped find elusive materials. Now librarians are gatekeepers, helping patrons sort out quality information in the age of Google (so much stuff... what is good?). I think libraries will expand to include non-traditional checkouts. some libraries are already checking out bikes and other items to patrons.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your library use or why you think libraries are important? 
  • I think libraries are really important as cultural hubs for a city or neighbourhood. 
  • I think they're important because they give people with less money opportunities to read whatever they want or need to read.
  • They serve as a great connection to the community. 
  • It is imperative that libraries exist in a free society. 
  • As a librarian myself, I obviously believe libraries are important. They equalize the playing field for people from all backgrounds to get the same access to information as each other and the same amount of help. It used to be that the library was often the only place people could find any information. Now libraries are the place where people learn how to filter through the huge amount of available information to find the best and/or most relevant for them. They help save time and lead to greater user satisfaction.

Please leave a comment or question below about the survey or about libraries! 

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