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Juneterviews #3: Bree and Bryn

Today's interview is between

Bryn of Gleaningful

Bree: How did you find out about Book Bloggers International and Juneterviews?

Bryn: I found it when I google searched "book blogs" :-)

Bree: Why do you blog or why did you decide to start blogging?

Bryn: Blogging is SO much fun! I blog so that I can see what others think about books and to have the opportunity to talk to others who love reading as much as I do. I started blogging because I needed a creative outlet and a way to continue using my brain. I'm not working anymore and I graduated from school a year ago. I thought blogging would be a great way to continue thinking about what I love critically and to be able to do that with as much freedom as I need/want.

Bree: Favorite thing about reading blogs? What do you like best about other people's blogs?

Bryn: I love reading blogs by people with strong personalities. Writers who aren't afraid to let their personalities shine through their work are my favorite to read, and also, blogs by writers who aren't ashamed to give their opinions. I will still read a blog even if I disagree with their opinions because I like a different perspective.

Bree: Books - your favorite genre?

Bryn: Well, this is a hard one to answer. I love literary fiction the most. Classics are the best but newer stuff is always on my TBR.

Bryn: How did you find out about Book Bloggers International and Juneterviews?

Bree: I found it through Twitter from Becca @imlostinbooks

Bryn: Why do you blog or why did you decide to start blogging?

Bree: In 2008 when I started blogging, my life was in upheaval. Luckily it was a good upheaval. I needed an outlet for creative and reading energy. I was never able to find a bookish group of friends (that stayed together) in order to talk books. So The Things We Read was born. It gave me a place to keep track of what I read and talk about whatever book I wanted. I keep blogging because I enjoy writing, list making, tracking and more so the community.

Bryn: Favorite thing about reading blogs? What do you like best about other people's blogs?

Bree: Same as you really. I like the personality behind the blog. I tend towards book blogs for the theme but if you don't show your personality or only write reviews, I stop reading the blog. Some blogs I follow because of their non-bookish posts and delete immediately their book reviews. Typically this happens when I don't read their preferred genre.

Bryn: Books - your favorite genre?

Bree: Contemporary fiction

Bryn: I noticed on your "100 Things To Do" list (which I think is SO cool :) you wrote you wanted to get a Master’s degree. Any ideas about what you will study for that degree?

Bree: Funny you bring that particular item up. I recently deleted it on my paper list but have been giving it serious rethought this month after chatting with Cass @queerlyseen. I think I really only want to be in class. A fun class. Something I choose without a degree attached like a history class or creative writing. My focus now is travel and deciding where to go next.

Bree: Do you have a bucket list or 100 things type of list?

Bryn: No but seeing your list makes me want to create one! I do have a massive list of books To Be Read. I made the list about 5 years ago. I combined some "Must Read" lists from two or three prominent websites (New York Times, etc.) and I printed it out to always have in my purse. I joined The Classics Club in April and the list (on my site) is taken from my master TBR list that I made :) 

Bryn: So you're reading War and Peace? What are your favorite literary classics?

Bree: I started W&P with the read a long in the spring and put it aside. I WILL FINISH this summer! (Maybe) lol my favorite classics: East of Eden (have read it twice and want to read again SOON), Gone with the Wind (want to reread that too), The Awakening, ummmm yeah that's about it. I'm not much of a classics person. I keep trying but lose interest. I do like some of the antiquities.

Bree: Other hobbies/interests besides reading? (Crazy, I know, what more do you need besides reading) Something you hate?

Bryn: Besides reading (I do that the most) I also love to run, cook, and do crafts! I can be quite crafty if I have all the supplies I need! And in our house we never cook the same things twice! I hate cleaning my house. Though I'm organized enough to get it done, it takes A LOT of effort to get me to do the chores!

Bryn: Your turn! How about you? What other hobbies/interests do you have? And what is something that you hate?

Bree: Urgh, running. Not this chica! That is like torture to me. I'd rather have needles stuck under my fingernails (I think). I'll race ya in power walking though. My career as a server and living in a city has trained me well. Besides blogging and reading, I love traveling and reading about traveling. Oops that's reading again. Ummm, non-reading...TV addict! I am old enough to have come to terms with my addiction and watch as much TV as I want guilt-free. I've also picked up crocheting. Nothing crazy, just a basic blanket. I do love to cook and try one of my numerous new recipes if I have all the ingredients available. I also like baking. I would bake something every day if I didn't have to eat it till it was gone and someone else bought me the supplies. I am a self-professed beach bum. I got that job down pat. Give me some sand and water, I'll spend hours relaxing. Writing is another thing I enjoy, even wrote a guide book. I am a professional student. Yesterday, I bought a Spanish workbook because who doesn't like worksheets? It's the teacher in me.

Bryn: Where did you grow up? And how did you fall in love with reading?

Bree: I grew up in Ohio. My mom liked to move so I went to a different school almost every year. You learn how to make friends fast when you start a new school all the time.
I don't remember when I fell in love with reading. I just remember always reading. Curling up on the living room chair with a book and my dad commenting how I'm always there, reading away. My mom took me to the library all the time because she is an avid reader.

Bree: How about you? Where did you grow up? And how did you fall in love with reading?

Bryn: The only other person in my family who enjoys reading is my grandmother. I remember her taking me to Barnes & Noble when I was little and letting me browse for as long as I wanted and she always bought me a book. I have her to thank for my love of reading. Also, my Dad has dyslexia and often he would need my sister and me to help him to read. There were a few years in our family where I would read books aloud to my Dad and doing this led to conversations about the books and thinking deeper on the subjects. Reading aloud has been a passion of mine ever since. I actually competed in reading aloud when I was in High School. The "sport" is called Prose and Poetry. I read poetry :) Now the only reading aloud I do it to my toddler, haha.

Bree: What an awesome way to connect to your father! I miss reading aloud to my children. Haha, they are adults now. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate it.

Bryn: I enjoyed doing this interview with you! Let's stay in touch!

Bree: Me too! Cheers to new blog friendship!

Bree & Bryn: Thanks to BBI for offering this opportunity to meet new-to-me bloggers!

Lovely interview!  Wouldn't you all agree?  So enjoyed getting to know you both better!

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  1. Thank you guys for this lovely interview! It's always fun to get to know bloggers a bit better :D

  2. Thanks for hosting us! Bryn has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers and I wouldn't of found her blog without this opportunity.

  3. What a fun interview!! Thank you for sharing!


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