Monday, June 1, 2015

Juneterviews #1: Flo and Sara

Juneterviews are all about bloggers meeting and interviewing each other, just for the fun of it!
Let's get started!

Today's interviews are between

For our Juneterview, we came up with the questions to ask each other and decided to answer them visually. (Side note: This is super fun and everyone should try it!)

The questions:
1. What is your favorite emoticon and why?

Flo:The winky face. I tend to use it whenever I would use a smiley face. 

Me: Because this is how I feel I smile at work when someone orders a really obnoxious and complicated drink. 

2. Favorite book/drink pairing?

Flo​ I got this wine in Key West a few months ago and I *love* it! I just finished this book while on my cruise last weekend. Both of these remind me of sunshine and relaxation and happiness :)

Me: ​ My favorite book and drink pairing:  Any kind of graphic novel (Scott Pilgrim however holds a very special place in my heart) and any type of delicious whiskey make such an amazing combination.  It always brings the art to life when you have a nice bourbon buzz going. 

3. What five books do you always find yourself recommending to people who ask you for book recommendations?

Flo: Love these all!

Me: The five books I would reccomend to everyone:  These are some my absolute all time favorite titles, that I feel are good and low key enough that almost everyone can enjoy them, no matter their taste in literary genres. 

4. You somehow roped someone into writing your memoirs. What's the name of your book?

Flo: Life is crazy and it can be messy and it's definitely challenging and unpredictable -- but most of all, it is beautiful.
Me: If a book title was my memoirs:  I am CONSTANTLY hungry, and my whole life has been a battle between trying to eat as much food as I can and not being lifted from my house by a crane.

5. Other than old books, what would you say is the best smell in the world?

Flo:In Ana and Elsa voice: "Chocolate!"
Me: newly cut lawn. Just one of the things I have in common with Hermoine Granger.

6. Which title in your bookshelf are you least likely to read in public?

Flo: ​ This was either sent to me or given to me, but I didn't specifically request it. I've been meaning to give it away but haven't had the chance yet. When my parents came to visit me a few weeks ago out of the literally hundreds of books I own, they somehow located this one! #Awkward

Me: Book most embarrassed to read in public:  Only becaue I have tried before and it gets a lot of comments.  Especially from older ladies who are not amused. 

7. If you could pick any character from a book to be your sibling, who would you pick?

Flo: Augustus Waters! I think he would be the best baby brother! 
Me: I'd pick Light from the series Death Note. Mainly because it would be pretty bad ass to have a sibling who became master of Death.

8. If you were to imagine the pages of the book you are currently reading to be miles, what is the furthest place you could get to? (aka 300 pages is 300 miles.... what's 300 miles from you....)

Flo: ​I just started a new book, so the only place I can really get to is the mall. Which, by the way, is absolutely okay with me!

Me: My house is exactly 899 miles from Harry Potter world in Orlando. So if if my book could get me 973 pages I'd be able to get all the way there and maybe a few scenic stops along the way. 

Such a fun way to interview!  I love it!
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  1. Thank you Flo and Sara for this! it was so much fun to read and see your pictures ^-^

  2. Thanks for hosting this! Had a blast putting it together.

    1. Such a fun interview. I don't know why it looks kind of wonky toward the end, it didn't when I previewed it.

  3. This was so much fun!! Those pictures!!!

  4. Thanks you guys! It was a blast!!


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