Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Featured Blogger: Bryn from Gleaningful

Today please welcome Bryn, who blogs at Gleaningful.

What's the meaning behind the name of your book blog?

To glean means to learn, discover, or find out, usually little by little or slowly. Gleaningful is my made-up word for something that is worth gleaning from, which in my blog's case are books :)

How long have you been blogging?

Since February 2015!

What genres do you write about most, and why?

Classics. Because I just LOVE them! But I also like to read newer fiction. Memoirs are great too.

What's your favorite place to read or blog?

I read anywhere and everywhere, even in the car! But I blog best in between a window and a cup of coffee:)

Book shelfie time! Take a "shelfie" of your bookshelves and share it with us.
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What's one book that intimidates you?

One? There are many and they all happen to be written by Charles Dickens. His writing is so dense for me. I want to get into them but it's so hard!!

If you could go to any literary destination, where would you go?

hmm...If it weren't so dangerous today I'd like to visit the Congo. Or any Central African country. The setting for The Poisonwood Bible, Heart of Darkness, and Things Fall Apart (Nigeria) to name a few.

How about non-book related hobbies? What do you do when you don't feel like reading?

Running, being outside, watching TEDTalks, I love exploring new coffee shops in my city, cooking, and eating fancy chocolate.

What's your favorite book to movie adaptation?

I like a lot of the older book to movie adaptations, such as To Kill A Mockingbird, East of Eden, and Little Women. Oh and The Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth. My least favorite is Harry Potter because they leave way too much out. There should be a TV series adaptation of Harry Potter with more details!

What are 3 favorite posts or reviews you've read by other book bloggers?

Why I wish men would read Little Women. (& why I appreciate those who have). at The Pursuit of Happiness
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Post-Reading Persuasion at Bookswept

What is your reading personality? (via quiz at http://www.bookbrowse.com/quiz/)

The Exacting Reader

Thank you for joining us today, Bryn! Remember to check out 's blog, Gleaningful., and leave a comment or question.


  1. I completely agree about Harry Potter! A television series, or a mini-series, would be excellent! Also, thanks for linking my post, Bryn. ;-)

  2. So much fun to learn more about you and adorable pic with your little one!

  3. aw thanks :) I need to post some more photos of him on the blog. He has way more hair now haha!

  4. Welcome to the book blogging community! I would personally love a Harry Potter TV adaptation. At this point, I will take it in any form I can get! :)


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