Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Featured Blogger: Tracy from postcard reviews

Today please welcome Tracy, who blogs at postcard reviews.


What's the meaning behind the name of your book blog?

short straight to the point reviews 

How long have you been blogging?

since December 2014

Tell us a bit about your book blog. What makes it unique?

they are reviews you could write on a postcard so i have to be creative in what i write 

What genres do you write about most, and why?

i read anything and everything

What's one book you think everyone should read?

second life s j watson its about online danger

Writing in books: Yes or hell to the no?


What's your favorite place to read or blog?

i like to read on my sofa in front of the tv

Is Amazon.com the evil empire? Discuss.

i think there is a place for everything and everyone

What have you learned from other bloggers or your readers?

that everyone is different but we are interested in the same things

Do you judge a book by its cover, or its lover?

both, a good cover draws you in, a lover creates 'life'

To DNF or not to DNF?

if you don't like a book after the first few pages move on, then go back. you might be in a different mood 

What's one book that intimidates you?

one that tries to be too clever with words. where a writer hasn't really thought about its reader

If you could go to any literary destination, where would you go?

i would go to greece victoria hislop style

How about non-book related hobbies? What do you do when you don't feel like reading?

i sew, knit and crochet and i also like papercrafts. i am addicted to pinterest

What's your favorite book to movie adaptation?

i loved gone girl, both book and film. it helped that the author did the screenplay so it followed the book 

What is your reading personality? (via quiz at http://www.bookbrowse.com/quiz/)

i am a faddy reader. what i like today i may not tomorrow


Thank you for joining us today, Tracy! Remember to check out Tracy's blog, postcard reviews, and leave a comment or question.

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