Thursday, March 26, 2015

Featured Blogger: Irene from Mysterious Bibliophile

Today please welcome Irene, who blogs at Mysterious Bibliophile.


How long have you been blogging?

This blog has been active for 10 months; I've previously owned other blogs on books, film, and homeschooling.

What genres do you write about most, and why?

I am an eclectic reader and blogger, but my primary focus is on mystery and suspense. This genre is important to me because it connects me to my mom, who died in 2003. She was a huge mystery aficionado and wrote her master's thesis in fictional female detectives. It is also the genre I write. 

What's your favorite place to read or blog?

The recliner in our T.V. room.

What have you learned from other bloggers or your readers?

So much! Recommendations of genres, books, or films I might not have otherwise considered. Myriad ways of looking at books and films. Benefiting from being exposed to so much really terrific writing and reviewing.

Do you judge a book by its cover, or its lover?

Definitely by its lover. That said, I am a huge sucker for a gorgeous book cover, even if I'm buying it for my Kindle and won't see it anyway. I can't explain it.

One book you like that no one else seems to, or vice versa?

I don't care for Wuthering Heights, which is a well-loved classic. Brooding, slightly creepy men just don't do it for me.

To DNF or not to DNF?

I definitely DNF. With so many great books out there that I'll never get a chance to read, I am way too old NOT to. :-)

What's one book that intimidates you?

Ulysses, and just about everything else by James Joyce (besides Portrait of an Artist).

What is your reading personality? (via quiz at

Your responses showed you fitting into three different personalities:

Involved Reader: You don't just love to read books, you love to read about books. For you, half the fun of reading is the thrill of the chase - discovering new books and authors, and discussing your finds with others.
Serial Reader: Once you discover a favorite writer you tend to stick with him/her through thick and thin.
Eclectic Reader: You read for entertainment but also to expand your mind. You're open to new ideas and new writers, and are not wedded to a particular genre or limited range of authors.


Thank you for joining us today, Irene! Remember to check out Irene's blog, Mysterious Bibliophile, and leave a comment or question.


  1. That's so cool that you're doing mysteries in honor of your mom. And her thesis topic sounds awesome!

  2. I love Irene, one of my favorite newer bloggers. I'm almost convinced that nobody can enjoy Ulysses.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, and your comment about Ulysses makes me laugh. :-) It's one of those books so many people find daunting that it reminds me of Mark Twain's quip that a classic is a book nobody wants to read but everybody wants to have read.

  3. You're so right - Wuthering Heights is a steaming pile of misery.

    I'm so glad I found your blog today!

  4. I think it's so neat that your mom had written her thesis on fictional female detectives. My dad was a big mystery reader and watcher, and I'm sure it influenced my taste in books and movies as well.

    I am so glad to see you featured here. I enjoyed following your past blog and enjoy your current one.

  5. Isn't the book blogosphere amazing?!? I truly learn something new all the time from the wonderful people in this community. Thanks for stopping by (super, super late on my part)!


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