Thursday, October 10, 2013

Emma from Words and Peace

Today please welcome Emma, who blogs at Words and Peace.


What's the meaning behind the name of your book blog?

I love puns and words. Reading is a great source of comfort and peace to me. So having a pun with all this and a masterpiece of Russian literature was fun. I think it came to me in the shower!!

How long have you been blogging?

Words And Peace officially celebrated its 3rd blogiversary at the end of September.  I had started a year earlier, but nothing really serious.

Tell us a bit about your book blog. What makes it unique?

I read a lot of different genres, including religion topics. It's getting more and more historical fiction reviews, and mostly, it has a strong French focus, with a meme and a reading challenge on books set in France or written in French.

What genres do you write about most, and why?

Historical fiction, which I have come to enjoy more and more recently.  I also especially enjoy historical mysteries.  I love history and I admire how some writers manage to insert lots of very serious homework into a great novel or mystery.

What's your earliest memory of reading?

I believe I started reading around 4, in the newspaper! There were not many kids' books available in the tiny French village I grew up.  I enjoyed the series on Martine by Marcel Marlier, but I had to be a bit older.

What was the first book you read over and over, or the book you've reread the most?

The book I have reread the most is Le rĂªve [The Dream], by Emile Zola.

Writing in books: Yes or hell to the no?

Absolutely not!  I have been used to read books from libraries, so even if I own one, I prefer to write down favorite quotations. I have a whole bunch of notebooks full with books' passages that I wrote down by hand!

What's your favorite place to read?

On a chair on our tiny porch, with bird songs in the background.

Do you have any reading accessories you can't do without?

Paper and pen, to copy favorite passages, or to take notes. When there are lots of characters, I need to make a diagram of who's who and how they are related. Otherwise I'm lost or confused to write my review.  My Nook Color is getting also close to indispensable, as I receive a lot of egalleys - thank you publishers!

Finish the sentence: My bookshelves are...

full of books received for virtual book tours or won at giveaways - thank you fellow book bloggers!

My TBR pile is...

My Goodreads TBR is insanely high - 600 today, but could be much higher by tomorrow, lol.

What's a book that's changed your life?

The Rule written by Saint Benedict in the 6th century.  I lived trying to follow its directions for many years.  Benedict also has recommendations on how to read: slowly, and from A to Z, so no, I'm not peeking on the last page of the book when I start a book, lol!

One book you like that no one else seems to, or vice versa?

I would not say that no one likes The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, but I have read a lot of severe reviews of it. I loved it a lot, like all the books by Kingsolver.  I hate Jane Austen, and many book bloggers seem to enjoy her writings.

To DNF or not to DNF?

Yes I DNF some books: there are too many awesome books waiting for me out there to waste my time with a book that I find sloppy in its writing or plot.

What's one book that intimidates you?

War And Peace, though I usually enjoy very long books.

If you could go to any literary destination, where would you go?

Shrewsbury Abbey, in western England (Brother Cadfael's abbey, in The Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, by Ellis Peters).

How about non-book related hobbies? What do you do when you don't feel like reading?

I always feel like reading! It must be a kind of disease, lol.  But I also enjoy Birding, Hiking, and Painting on rocks (and I can listen to audiobooks when I paint!)

What's your favorite book to movie adaptation?

Favorite book to movie adaptation:  A Beautiful Mind, about the life of John Forbes Nash, Jr. Because for once, the film is much nicer than the book, embellished but less nasty than real life!

What are 3 of your must-read blogs?

Devourer of Books
Caravana De Recuerdos
A Guy's Moleskine Noebook
Under My Apple Tree
Roof Beam Reader
Reading The Past

What is your reading personality? (via quiz at

the exacting reader and the eclectic reader.

They must have spied on me to write their descriptions, they fit me so perfectly:

"The expression 'so many books, so little time!' sums up your life. You love books but you rarely have as much time to read as you'd like - so you're very particular about the books you choose."

"You read for entertainment but also to expand your mind. You're open to new ideas and new writers, and are not wedded to a particular genre or limited range of authors."


Thank you for joining us today, Emma! Remember to check out Emma's blog, Words and Peace, and leave a comment or question.


  1. thanks Tif, and on Nobel Prize day, lol!!

    1. ... Perfect timing, right?!? :)

      I wish I had a nice porch to read on, while listening to the songs of birds. Someday!!

  2. I would love to have a nice porch to read. Someday! Thanks for the interview. It's nice getting to know you more, Emma.

  3. Lovely feature :) So glad to see Emma here!
    Emma, the weirdest ideas happen in the shower. In this case, it was a perfect idea!

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