Monday, April 1, 2013

What's the Big Idea?

So, what is Book Bloggers International exactly anyway?

Well, here's the idea:

There are SO, so, so many book bloggers all over the world and it is impossible for each of us to find each other via links on other people's blogs and social networking sites alone. We thought it would be a practical and fun idea to create a blog specifically for the purpose of introducing ourselves to one another and finding new book blogs to love and book blogging buddies to love, too!

Here's how we imagine this to work:

  • On Tuesdays, and Thursdays BBI will feature a book blogger. (The other days we will feature giveaways and blogging tips.)
  • Bloggers will have the option of answering a questionnaire or writing a short (roughly 300 to 400-word) introductory guest post where you will talk about your blog.
  • Things to include: how long you've been blogging, where you're blogging from, how you got started blogging, how you picked your blog name, genres you review, and fun features on your blog. Then you can also include lots of your own fun stuff, for example how likely your TBR pile is to tumble over, what your earliest memory of reading is, your favorite place to read, or the literary destination you’ve always dreamed about going.  You get the idea!
  • You can include links to other blogs you write (if you have more) and to all of your social networking sites, too.

All blog posts will be tagged with up to five related keywords:

Example, Lost in Books might be tagged as U.S. Blogs, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, World Cultures, Paranormal. You get the point. That way you can look up blogs by tags/labels to find ones that fit your interests the most. Of course, I will always be a proponent of exploring so be sure to check out some blogs that you wouldn't necessarily pick to look at right away, but that you might end up loving just the same!

It will, of course, take a while for us to gather up a good database and if you ever think your blog needs a label added or a label seems not appropriate for your blog, don't hesitate to let us know and we will change it for you. This is a blog for all of us- the whole book blogging community.

If you want to participate by writing a guest post about your book blog and blogging life, then please e-mail us at bookbloggersintl (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject heading of "BBI: Guest Post".

~Rebecca, Tasha, and Tif


  1. cool idea, and not surprised to see Rebecca and Tif behind it! sending you an email. actually during last Bloggiesta, I started a major list of all the book blogs I follow. you might want to have a look, as some are in another language, and I highlight that:

  2. Great idea, I totally love it. It will be fun to meet new bloggers from around the world. I am going to volunteer to write a guest post. Thanks Ladies!
    Laura @Booksnob

  3. I love this idea and look forward to joining a great network of book bloggers.

  4. Thanks everyone! I'm so glad to see all the excitement, and I know that Becca and Tasha are too!! :)

  5. Love the idea and adore your blog look and header :)

  6. I just started following along here and hope to catch up on these posts.

  7. What a great idea. I have just started to follow having seen you mentioned via another blog taking part in the Armchair BEA so I am just catching up on posts etc. I love the look of your blog and the lovely header.


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