Monday, July 17, 2017

THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas: Week Two Discussion & Challenge

Welcome to week two of discussion and challenges!  This book is seriously sending me on a roller coaster ride of emotions, so let's just dive right into the questions today.

CHAPTER 8:  Khalil's funeral celebrates him, until the Lords show up and place a handkerchief on his chest.  Starr is shocked.  How did this make you feel?

CHAPTER 9:  Choose one quote listed below and comment on it.
"Bullets don't know where they're supposed to go." (137)
"I can call Garden Heights the ghetto all I want.  Nobody else can."  (139)
"Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong.  The key is to never stop doing right."  (154)

CHAPTER 10:  This chapter delves deep into many topics, from Harry Potter as a book about gangbangers to Tupac's music and the Thug Life.  Share your thoughts and comments as you read.

CHAPTER 11:  Starr's worlds continue to collide at the beginning of this chapter when a protest breaks out at her school.  Share your thoughts on the protest, the reasons behind it, and the characters' reactions.  OR, take on the second half of the chapter instead and address the encounter between Starr's dad and the police.

CHAPTER 12:  Starr decided to talk, to ensure that Khalil's life matters.  As you read this chapter, what did you think and/or feel?



This week's readings had me writing down so many quotes that really impacted me.  Let's run with that this week for our challenge as well.  Find your favorite quote addressing social justice and put it out in the world.  Share it via social media, create it on an index card and drop it around your community.  You decide how you want to share it, spreading your quote and social justice love.



Next week, we will be chatting about Chapters 13-19.  Don't forget to share your thoughts, comments, and challenges using the hashtag #12mos12rals!

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