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Cozy November: Cozy Mysteries From Kirrin Island To Gaborone, Botswana

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Today please welcome Uma from Books, Bags, Burgers. She's talking about her favorite cozy mysteries of all time. Take it away, Uma!

As a kid, books were my best companions and they still are! Being the only child, I spent most of my time at home reading books. My favourite genres of the moment always vary. Last month I devoured science fiction and horror like crazy and now I’m chin deep in Dark Fantasy but there is one genre I can read any day regardless of my current favourite genre – cozy mysteries! Today am gonna share with you all my favourite cozy mysteries through the years.

I first read Enid Blyton books 13 years ago and I still feel all wrapped up in warmth and comfort when I read her books. The delicious food that the Famous Five eat on Kirrin Island, the amazing disguises that Fatty puts on(The Five find-outers) and the cozy shed where the Secret Seven hold their meetings will forever be a part of my imaginary world.

the famous five run away together
Five Run Away Together (The Famous Five #3)

This particular Famous Five story is my favourite as it is not just a pretty intriguing mystery but also a beautiful story of friendship and family. This book in a simple manner shows the strong friendship that exists among the cousins.

I read my first Nancy Drew mystery in sixth grade and Nancy became my idol. I wanted to be like her and solve mysteries. I wanted to be part of the well balanced trio (Nancy, Bess and George). While the Nancy Drew Files were a bit serious, the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series were the perfect fun mysteries to curl up with on a monsoon day!

nancy drew intruder
Intruder (Nancy Drew: Girl detective #27)

This mystery is one of my favourites as it has a Jane Austen themed Tea party and lost fortunes! Doesn’t that sound like such a good, old fashioned mystery? I remember really wanting to eat the tarts that Mrs.Fayne prepares for the tea party!

Throughout my High School years I loved the mysteries that Agatha Christie created. While my favourite character of Agatha Christie’s is Hercule Poirot, her ‘cozy mystery’ character is definitely Miss Marple! The kindly old lady who uses the nuances in human nature to solve seemingly unsolvable mysteries.

the moving finger agatha christie
The Moving Finger (Miss Marple #4)

This story is one of my favourite Miss Marple stories. It is slightly different from the rest of the series in that Miss Marple is present only for a short time in the story. She comes into the story towards the end and solves the mystery with ease. This book shows how human nature is such a giveaway for people’s actions.

More recently I got to see author Alexander McCall Smith at a literary fest and really loved his talk. I bought the first book in the series ‘The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ (and got it signed by him by the way!!) and ended up reading it in one sitting. It’s in this beautiful place called Gaborone in Botswana where we meet Mma Ramotswe and many other endearing characters!

in the company of cheerful ladies alexander mccall smith
In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #6)

This is such a simple story that made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. The characters are endearing and interesting and while the mystery is not a thrilling one with chases and danger, it’s realistic and well...cozy.

Some Cozy Mysteries on my TBR

irish creme killer

homicide in hardcover

black cat crossing

witch is where it all began

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