Monday, November 23, 2015

FEATURED FAVORITES: Book Blogger Favorites

Today, let's welcome Shannon from River City Reading.  She is here to tell us about some book blogger favorites, courtesy of her very own top picks.


I get the sense that I’m not alone in feeling let down when the Goodreads Choice Awards roll around near the end of each year. There tends to be a few books I’ve read or enjoyed, but more often than not the categories seem to miss out on many titles I see floating around the book blogosphere. Last year, I started to wonder what the Goodreads Choice Awards might look like if book bloggers had control.

So, I gave it a shot. There were already a few yearly awards aimed at specific genres, but I was looking for something that would catch a bigger slice of readers. Rather than putting together an “award”, I simply wanted look at the new titles book bloggers loved the most (and figured it could act as a pretty great TBR to boot). Book Blogger Top Picks was born and is in the middle of its second year as we speak.

It starts with open voting, which is a chance for bloggers to write in their favorite books for each category. From there, I pool the responses into options for the semifinal round, which is currently open until November 23rd. The final round consists of the top three in each genre and will get going on November 27th. It would be great to hear your blogging voice this time around!


  1. Great discussion. I vote every year and wonder what decides who is nominated.

  2. I cannot wait to see what books are chosen this year! Just in time to give my husband a wishlist for Christmas!

  3. I'm often surprised by some books that make it in the nominations and at the same time have to wonder why some other books that people seemed to have really enjoyed didn't make it. Then, of course, you get the problem of books being picked for their commercial popularity rather than literary worth. Because of that, I think that the Book Blogger Top Picks is a great idea. I had never heard of it before but I'm glad I read about it here :)


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