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Book Bloggers Recommend Perfect Springtime Reads

We often hear about great fall reads, great beach reads for the summer, and the best books to
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read while cozied up under blankets in the winter.  What I wanted to know was, what about books that are perfect reads for springtime??  You know, those books you want to read to dust off the winter blues; the book you would pick to read on a park bench with the blossoming trees around you.  What books are wonderful reads this time of year?  

Look no further.  Bloggers are to the rescue!  Check out what the following bloggers recommend and visit the links to visit their blogs!  Be sure to leave a comment for them below, too, and show them some love! :)

Harvee of Book Dilettante recommends:

For a light read: 

1. While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax (women's fiction)
The novel is about three women and a concierge in an upscale apartment building in Atlanta, Georgia, modern time, who meet each other as part of the concierge's weekly Sunday event - Watching  the TV series, Downton Abbey, while having drinks and elaborate hors d'oeuvres in the building club room. These four all have their problems, however. How they all help each other cope with their problems and upcoming crises is the crux of the novel. The glue that holds their relationships together is their weekly get-togethers to watch Downton Abbey, from the first series onward.

For a thriller/mystery read:

1. The Deepest Secret by Carla Buckley (family drama/thriller)
Young Tyler has a rare disease that makes him super sensitive to sunlight and even light from halogen bulbs.  Tyler can only come out of his house after the sun goes down. Unknown to his very protective mother, Eve, he goes out at night with his camera and takes pictures of people in their homes.

Tyler finds out the secrets of some of his neighbors, but the most damaging secret of all, that of his own mother Eve, he doesn't know about. Her secret will bring the neighbors into conflict with each other and eat at the heart of this mother who only wants to protect her invalid son.

At least four people are at risk of losing their lives because they stole or held on to a copy of a manuscript titled The Accident, an expose of crimes committed by a powerful media mogul. The Accident is written by an anonymous writer who wants the book published; the CIA and the mogul, the subject of the book, do not. Suspenseful, well written and plotted, The Accident has engaging characters as well as riveting and dramatic action. The ending has a few more twists and turns and surprises than I was prepared for, but they did add a lot to the story's complex plot and interest. 

Adam of The Roofbeam Reader recommends:

The book that comes to mind, at least this year, is Chocolat (1999) by Joanne Harris. It is set in a small French provincial town, and the story revolves around a newcomer, Vianne Rocher, and her young daughter Anouk.  They open a chocolate shop just as Lent approaches – tempting everyone in the most delightful way!  It’s part magical-realism, part romance, and filled to the brim with passion and love.  It’s a perfect springtime read!

April of The Steadfast Reader gushes:

The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon.  I can't stop talking about that book. :)

Graedon does magical things with words. This book is both beautiful and terrifying all at once. I can hardly believe that this is a debut novel. For a very serious bibliophile and someone with a casual interest in linguistics I found this book to be nearly flawless. The writing is lyrical and the vocabulary used throughout was challenging.

For lovers of print books, journals, and all things analogue, this book is for you. You will feel vindicated. For people think that our technology is outpacing our morality and corporations are exploiting this, this book is for you. For those that feel our privacy has been sacrificed at the altar of convenience and that the world is a bit too connected these days, this book is for you.

J.C. of The Biblio Blogazine says:

I really love this book and I always recommended it when I worked in the bookstore. It's different and it may have triggers for some people, but it's worth the read.

For those wanting a fun, fantasy read other than say Neil Gaiman, I recommend any by A. Lee Martinez. Gil's All Night Fright Diner and this one:

Lisa of TLC Book Tours says:

When Rebecca asked me for a book recommendation for spring; something that can blow out the heaviness of winter, I thought about that for about three seconds before landing on a book that I've been telling everyone about recently. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell is like The Fault in Our Stars, minus the cancer. Two kids who, for different reasons, don't fit in with the crowd find common ground through comics and music, and discover that they really, truly like each other. And I really, truly liked them.  Eleanor & Park is tender but also has real emotional depth and just the right mix of first love and desperation. It made me remember what it was like to be an awkward teenager, feeling all the 'feels' as my own teens would say. The dialogue is believable and the characters so likable. As a bonus there are a ton of 80's music references. What's not to love? 

Much love and thanks to you all for your recommendations.  

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! One of my favorite pastimes is reading on the front porch on a warm spring morning :)

  2. Great idea!! I've been curious about Chocolat for quite some time, so maybe I should actually check that one out!!

    I can say that I am loving the spring time right now, actually able to sit out on my patio while my kids play in the backyard. It's so refreshing!!

  3. Haven't read any of these, so thanks for the recommendations!


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