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Chyna on The Vampire Academy vs The Convenant Series

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Let’s compare The Vampire Academy to The Covenant Series. We all know who Richelle Mead is and also our worldly famous writer Jennifer L. Armentrout who is also J.Lynn. When I first met Half-blood, the first book of the covenant series I was obviously allured by the cover and the plot. I wasn’t a very serious reader at that time, but as I got to know more about Jennifer’s Covenant series I heard that the story was inspired by Richelle’s Vampire Academy. I was wondering why so many readers hated the Covenant and even refused to be in the same room with it. They were enraged by the copycat Jennifer L. Armentrout, but Jennifer did say that it was inspired by the Vampire Academy. Many just didn’t think it was only inspired, but more of based upon the novel itself. It was very similar so the readers who loved The Vampire Academy ended up hating on the Covenant series.

I tested the theory itself by letting my Vampire Academy fan-friend read the Covenant series yet she couldn’t finish the book.  I hadn’t even mentioned The Vampire Academy and so she was the one who mentioned how similar it was so she stopped reading and told me she gave up on it. She hated it in fact.

I can’t really get myself to compare these two because I have yet to read The Vampire Academy. The Covenant series is the first series I’ve read in Jennifer’s books and I fell in love with it and so now I am unsure of my addiction towards The Covenant series because it’s not an original plot. I was always a fan of forbidden love, but cliche can also be a code word for copied or cheated. It’s unfair for Richelle Mead that her story was said to be stolen by JLA, but I don’t think it was. The early readers of The Vampire Academy continue to be disgusted by The Covenant series that they didn’t even want to know more about the series.

I never got the chance to actually read The Vampire Academy as I said earlier, but I won’t anymore since I hate to change my perspective towards Half-blood. It wouldn’t be fair for Jennifer and Richelle. I hate to compare two beautiful series. They are different, but have a few similar plots. The Vampire Academy is Richelle’s book while The Covenant is Jennifer’s. Sure, they both have forbidden love, but Richelle’s novel has vampires while the covenant has demons. They’re both cool and paranormal. Don’t tell me having the same genre means they totally copied from each other. Oh please, let’s not be children here.

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What are your thoughts on The Vampire Academy vs The Convenant Series?


  1. You know, I have never read either of these series! And, I love diving into vampire lit frequently!

  2. May I suggest your readers might also enjoy my Townshend Vampire Trilogy?
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  3. This is old but I've read both and they are both two of my favorite series. The stories end up being very different.


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