Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bloggiesta Challenge: Book Blogging Heroes

Bloggiesta has arrived and the team here at Book Bloggers International is joining in the challenge fun! What is Bloggiesta, you might be asking? It’s a blogging fiesta! where bloggers get together for the weekend to work on their blogs, eat Mexican food, and wear sombreros (sombreros optional). If you want to join in—and you know you do—just visit the Bloggiesta site for more info and to sign up.

Now onto the challenge...

One of the best ways to help in building an audience for your own blog is to network with other bloggers, whether it may be in commenting on other blogs or interacting via social media.

Book Bloggers International also brings those connections to you, highlighting book bloggers around the world in one general location. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we highlight a different blogger, either through a set of interview questions or through a guest post. We also bring you different blogging tips once a week to help bring you resources that can assist you in your blogging world.

For this challenge, we want to focus on this networking. And because networking can occur in a variety of ways, we have a couple of options for you for the challenge . . .

Option 1: Using our tag cloud on the right OR the Bloggiesta participant list, find three (3) bloggers that are new to you and comment on their blogs. When you have completed the challenge, come back here and let us know who the three (3) lucky bloggers were in the comments section. If you choose to write a post about your new blogger friends, then feel free to link up in the linky below.

Option 2: Write a post featuring a blogger that has influenced or impacted you in your own blogging. Share with your readers how they have influenced you and don’t forget to let them know that you have chosen them. When you have completed the challenge, come back here and leave us the direct link in the linky below.

Choose one option or the other OR do both! The point is to network and help spread the blogging love. 

If you want to get in on the action here at Book Bloggers International, we are currently accepting feature submissions. Simply visit How To Be Featured and we will be in contact with you soon!


  1. Thanks for hosting! I went with option 1- I visited these three new blogs-
    Dalene @ A Date With A Book
    Carina @ Reading Through Life
    Jac @ For Life, Love, & Books

    And I plan on visiting a lot more!

    1. ... Very nice! And, I love that you plan on visiting more!!

  2. I chose option 1 and visited 3 new blogs -- all from your tag cloud. I love your interviews with bloggers! I visited, commented, and added these blogs to my blogroll so I can keep reading them.
    Thanks for a great mini-challenge and for introducing me to 3 new book blogs.

    1. Mary R. ... Great job! And, you're welcome! Don't forget, you can be featured here too! Just check the How To Be Featured tab above! :)

  3. I commented on every single one of the Bloggiesta participant's blogs! It took a long time, but I found a ton of new bloggers that way!

    1. Rebecca @ Love at First Book ... Awesome job!!!!!

  4. I commented at:

    The Book Vixen
    A Date With a Book
    Books: A True Story

    and I hope to go back and visit more during the closing post link-up :)

    1. DoingDewey ... Great job! A couple of those are new to me too!!

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