Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bloggiesta is Coming!!!!

Many of you may be familiar with Bloggiesta, but probably not all of you.  If you are looking for an event to better your book blog, this is one event that is filled with TONS of resources that you can refer to over and over again, so there is no way that we can exclude it from our blogging resources here at BBI!  Let's break it down into three easy parts . . .

What is Bloggiesta?

Bloggiesta is a 3-day weekend devoted to ultimately improving your blog.  It includes resources from bloggers from around the community sharing information on social media, tips on blog technicalities, planning and scheduling, and ultimately, being a better blogger in general.  This is a very quick explanation, so I recommend that you click on over to their About page for more information.

When is the next big day for Bloggiesta?

The amazing organizers behind this event have changed things up and have provided bloggers with resources on a more regular basis.  They are now doing monthly Twitter chats and bi-annual mini-bloggiestas, as well as the original big events twice a year.  Mark your calendars now for the remaining 2013 dates . . .

Friday, June 21:  Twitter Chat (That's this Friday!!!)
Saturday, July 20 - Sunday, July 21:  Mini Bloggiesta
Saturday, August 17:  Twitter Chat
Friday, September 20-Sunday, September 22:  Main Bloggiesta
Friday, October 18:  Twitter Chat
Saturday, November 16:  Twitter Chat
Friday, December 20:  Twitter Chat

For more information on the schedule, including times of the Twitter chats, refer to Future Bloggiesta Chats!

What are the specific resources shared during this event?

Every event has new challenges that you can take part in that reflect the latest trends, but don't forget to check out the past resources shared throughout the years that this event has been in place.  Click here for the FULL list of all challenges, organized by topic for easier navigation!

Did you mark your calendars?  Will you be joining in on the upcoming chats and bloggiesta celebrations?  And, for those who have previously participated, what have been your favorite parts about the event?


  1. My calendar is marked :) Bloggiesta is the best!

    1. Jennifer @ The Relentless Reader ... I agree!! I love that I can get questions answered so quickly during the event and get lots of opinions too!!

  2. Replies
    1. Tasha Brandstatter ... I agree!! I'm really excited for the big one in September!!

  3. Marking my calendar right now! Darn, I missed Friday's Twitter chat. I think I was home, too. :(


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